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ISSN  2348 0696
Volume.2        Issue.3             2015       March
Occurrence of Methicillin Resistant S.aureus and Extended Spectrum of -Lactamase Producing E.coli From Private Hospital Waste Water.
Vanitha G, Malarvizhi A, Usha V             [PDF

Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy Ideal
Abarna J and Vijayalakshmi S       [PDF]

Lead Nitrate [Pb(NO3)2] Toxicity induced changes on the biochemical constituent  of  Black gram seedlings (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)
Kumar C and Jayaraman P        [PDF]   

A Study on the occurrence of Marine Cyanobacteria in Pamban and Vadakadu (Rameshwaram) coastal regions, South East Coast of India
Kanimozhi R, Arvind Prasanth D, Arunprakesh S and  Subramanian G  [PDF]

SalDB: A comprehensive Database of Salmonella spp.
Priya JV, Rajesh SV and Gnanendra TS    [PDF]

Oscillation results in damped second order linear and nonlinear differential equation
Ramya M and Ramadevi S      [PDF]