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ISSN  2348 0696
Volume.1        Issue.8             2014        July
Studies of Trichome in Five Species of Asteraceae
Arunprakash S, Subramanian G, Stephen J, Jayanthi V, Sasikala J, Sowmiya R and Indhu M     [PDF]

Communal Harmony: The Communal harmony depicted in Hindi Minorepics (Hindi Article)
Pranatharthiharan KS         [PDF]

Molecular docking studies of Acalypha indica caompounds against Aeromonas hydrophila
Rajesh SV, Priyanka S and Gnanendra TS     [PDF]

The spiritual ideas depicted by the scholars on the epics of Dinkar (Hindi Article)
Muthusami P    [PDF]

Study on bacterial dynamics of hydrocarbon polluted agricultural soil
Gopinath LR, Archaya S, Karthika R,Bhuvaneswari R     [PDF]

The Ideas depicted in the minor epics of Naresh mehtha  (Hindi Article)
Natesan D        [PDF]