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ISSN  2348 0696
Volume.1        Issue.10             2014        September

The Intuitionistic smooth fuzzy continuity in smooth fuzzy Topological spaces
Dhivya P and Ramadevi S     [PDF]

A Study of English language achievements in reading skill of Arts and Science college students in Dindigul district with special reference to parentsí occupation
Naga Sujatha S        [PDF]

A Survey on Anti-Inflamatory Meditional plants in Namakkal District, Tamilnadu
Subramanian G, Manjunathan P, Ramanathan R, Bhuvaneswari R and Dhandapani R    [PDF]

Fungal species Dynamics in decomposing Poultry Manure
Allimuthu V, *Gopinath LR, Archaya S and Bhuvaneswari R    [PDF]

On The Optimal Approximation Rates For Criss-Cross Finite Element Spaces
Krishnaveni VP and Vijayalakshmi S   [PDF]

One and multi - dimensional compressible flow in navier stokes equations with density - dependent viscosity and discontinuous data
Menaka K and Kavitha S     [PDF]

Man's Search for Genuine love of a Woman through Reciprocal Sexual Relationship-A Study of Arun Joshi's The Last Labyrinth.
Murugan J             [PDF

Theorems on global existence and uniquness of strong solutions for the magnetohydrodynamic equations
Shobana C and Vijayalakshmi S        [PDF]

Existence of positive solutions to one-dimensional  p-laplacian boundary value problems
Kalaivani M and Vijayalakshmi S        [PDF]